AWAL Brand Guidelines

AWAL Brand Guidelines


AWAL offers independent artists deals and a range of services without locking them into long-term, exclusive agreements or having them give up ownership or control.

As an evolving brand with an audience spanning the world’s music and artistic communities, across countries, genres, and cities. AWAL needed to develop a united worldwide brand representation.

In order to do this, our team created the AWAL Brand Book. A resource that defines the brand into a set of principles spanning voice and visuals. Essentially, a guide to who AWAL is – how AWAL talks, how AWAL looks and where they stand in the competitive music environment.

By developing this manual and tool for AWAL’s employees, brand partners, and artist teams, we were able to ensure a consistent look and voice across all communication, both internal and external. Creating an organized and unified front.

Creative Director, Art Director

Mia Fabbri

Alex Siber

Ryan Wright

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